Strategic Copywriting in Wichita

An SEO copywriter, in Wichita, KS?

OK, there's your search engine headline. Now, let's talk about engaging your customers, their way.

Consumers still use both rational and emotional thought when making purchase decisions. Unfortunately,  today's "SEO copywriters" often don't seem to enlist even the most elementary advertising communications principles. Too bad, since the Internet just happens to be the most dynamic medium to come along since the cave wall.

Why is Message sometimes barely an afterthought?

Truthfully? Because it's the hard part.

Message requires you to understand how a consumer thinks without them telling you or letting you know. It's the tone and feel of a picture or a phrase, and not just how it sounded on the copy sheet. It's about an emotional engagement that subconsciously enables the consumer to feel so self-empowered that they can't wait to tell their neighbors about your new product.

If you're going to spend tens of thousands of dollars to build a site, run a spot, place an ad, mail a piece, or write a blog, do justice to all the hard work that goes into your company, your product-- your brand.   Do your homework.  Do the strategic heavy-lifting that has to precede all your communications, not just your external media buying.


That’s what I do. I'm BLUEPRINTcreative: The Plan before the pen. Because what we say is just as important as where (and when, and how often, and to whom) we say it.


Turns out the medium isn't the message, after all.