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Feel like there's too many digital marketing options out there?

First develop your strategies, then select your tactics. Let's Get Started
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Which part of your marketing isn’t working?

Hello there. I’m Kent Miracle of blueprint creative. I help companies make sense of their marketing.

There’s a barrage of tactics out there. But what are the marketing strategies that precede them? Without sound planning, you can’t size up the endless options at your disposal.

Together, here’s what we’ll accomplish:

  • How to differentiate your brand
  • Where to focus in order to win
  • How to invest your budget wisely

Ensure your strategies are driving your tactics. Let’s have a complimentary Brand Audit discussion, and see where that goes.

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Digital Marketing Services

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Website Design

What is your website’s #1 objective? Are you seeing conversions? If so, are they the right prospects?

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“SEO” is the term, but we’re really talking about optimizing your brand so you’re found when they’re looking.

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Google Ads

Target, focused, and manageable, Google Ads are incredibly efficient. The key? Reading the data to drive decisions.

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Social Media

It pays to be social. Customers vet your business here, often before your website.

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Anything the customer can see, hear, feel, touch, or taste all qualify as brand touch points. Are yours consistent?

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Tone, manner, message, empathy, persuasiveness, action. Copy is more important than ever. Does yours resonate?

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Get in Touch

Clients say I ask business questions first instead of “what do you want?” like other Wichita marketing agencies. For me, business issues preceed marketing solutions.

I’d love to learn more about your business. In our first conversation, you’ll sense the value a seasoned marketing veteran can deliver for you that others can’t.