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Need a Wichita digital marketing agency but can't afford one? Welcome to big-agency thinking for small business budgets. Let's Get Started
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Hello there.

I’m Kent Miracle of blueprint creative.

Having worked at both large ad agencies and small web shops, I have a broad view of the business world from a marketing perspective. I’ve been on the client side, too, in both consumer and business-to-business segments.

So whether it’s pizza or airplane parts, I hit the ground running.

I work best with clients who realize they have marketing challenges but aren’t certain where or how to begin. If that sounds familiar, ring me up or send me an email, today.

Kent Miracle

Digital Marketing Services

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Website Design

What is your website’s #1 objective? Are you seeing conversions? If so, are they the right prospects?

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“Search Engine Optimization” is the term, but we’re really talking about optimizing your brand at every touch point.

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Google Ads

Target, focused, and manageable, Google Ads are incredibly efficient. The key? Reading the data to drive decisions.

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Social Media

Don’t be confused by the “social” in social media. Don’t also think this is just another medium.

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Anything the customer can see, hear, feel, touch, or taste all qualify as brand touch points. Are yours consistent?

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Tone, manner, message, empathy, persuasiveness, action. Copy is more important than ever, as is how it’s used.

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Get in Touch

Clients say I ask business questions first instead of “what do you want?” like other Wichita marketing agencies. For me, business issues preceed marketing solutions.

I’d love to learn more about your business. In our first conversation, you’ll sense the value a seasoned marketing veteran can deliver for you that others can’t.